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Points of Interest

Bar Le Duc

A renaissance city with a renaissance festival held on the first weekend of July. During the summer, guided tours take place that take the form of a moving theatrical performance: the spectators follow the actors through the city and are taught interesting facts in an entertaining way. More on the website of the Tourist Office.

The ancient Roman city of  Nasium

Guided tours to excavation sites of ruins dating from Roman times (former city of Nasium), as well as presentations about the Celtic people who settled in the same area. More on the website Nasium.


The birthplace of Joan of Arc, museum (explanations are mostly in French), basilica dedicated to Joan of Arc, containing paintings illustrating the story of her life, a small restaurant run by the convent, with a beautiful view over the landscape of the Lorraine area.

Ligny en Barrois

Guided city tours and tours for the tower of Valéran as well as for the church of Notre Dame-des-Vertus. More on the website of the Tourist Office.


The city centre is characterized by architecture dating back to the time of Stanislaus Leszczynski, father-in-law of Louis XV, the Polish king on the throne of Lorraine. More on the website Nancy Tourisme.


Discover the charms of our village with its washhouse by the stream, its alleys, hiking, cycling and fishing opportunities...


The Sacred Way, the Citadelle, the memorials of the most known battlefield of the First World War. More on the website of the Tourist Office of Verdun.

More information on the websites of the Meuse Tourist Board and the Lorraine Tourist Board.




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